Entering the ICAO or IATA code for an airport in the search box will print the current TAF and METAR for that airport (e.g. EKCH)

Typing multiple ICAO codes with a space between will generate a list with TAF/METAR of all the entered aerodromes. In addition, the commands from the old Flygmet version are still active.

Use the System macro drop-down to select predefined commands.


The following commands can be used in the search box

ICAO Latest available METAR and TAF (e.g. EKCH)
SA Latest available METAR (e.g. SAEKCH)
PM Print a number of METARs (e.g. PM EKCH 10 to print latest 10 METAR from EKCH)
BY Airport name (e.g. BYEKCH)
FC Short range TAF (e.g. FCESTA)
PFC Print a number of TAF-FC (e.g. PFC ESTA 3 to print latest 3 TAF from ESTA)
FT Long range TAF (e.g. FTEKCH)
PFT Print a number of TAF-FT (e.g. PFT EKCH 12 to print latest 10 TAF from EKCH)
UA Aircraft Reports (e.g. UASN to get Aircraft Reports from Sweden)
SIGMET A listing of available SIGMET – the listing links to individual bulletins
MISC A listing of available bulletins with text content like Airmet/Gamet/Warnings/Notes the listing links to individual bulletins
TROPIC A listing of available Tropical Cyclone Advisories – the listing links to individual bulletins
FK Tropical Cyclone Advisories (e.g. FKAU03)
VOLCAN A listing of available Volcanic Ash Advisories – the listing links to individual bulletins
FV Volcanic Ash Advisories (e.g. FVAU03)
WC Wind component (e.g. WCEKCH.EGLL or WIND:EKCH.EGLL to get wind from EKCH to EGLL)


All commands are to be appended by the ICAO or IATA station identifier.